Medical facilities offering support in identifying and addressing strategic logistical, operational and structural and technical problems.
In the field of hospital logistics we use automated systems for the preparation of drugs.

Safe medication process
Currently, the safest and most efficient practice is considered an automated centralized system for the preparation of drugs with the use of single-dose packaging bearing a barcode. These technological and process change means significant savings in direct hospital costs of medication, but in particular the maximum increase patient safety (in terms of units of mil. EUR according to the size of the hospital).

• The maximum increase patient safety and significant reduction in adverse drug reactions (units of mil. EUR annually)
• Minimizing the overall hospital's medical supplies and efficient management of medical supplies:
-drugs warehouse on wards can be reduced by 60-90% (automatic replenishment 4-day emergency supply of drugs)
-thanks barcode transparency movement of each unit
• Minimizing expiration, destruction and loss drugs => optimum use drugs
• Nurses gain more time working directly with patients - significantly reducing their workload
• Pharmacists are becoming part of the medication process and apply their skills
• Ability to transparently report the cost per patient
• Risk management - Any legal disputes

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