Steaming wood technology is one of the first steps in veneer production. These technologies in wood processing logs to veneer. Logs are exposed to the define temeprature and moisture for a specific period. Pressure and temperature in the steaming pits are controlled and monitored by control system.

Elaboration of proposal, study and realization project.
Basic concepts – the choice of technology, direct and indirect steaming.
Location in space, connection to utilities
Logistics transport of raw materials
Optimalization according to the needs and capacities
Mechanical part - the stainless steel tub, stainless steel registers, steam pipes, steam economy
Measurement - temperature, pressure, time .
Building part - concrete steaming pit, gullies
Type of species - beech, coniferous, birch, alder
Output - output of the measurement protocol (optional format)
Implementation of the work.
Trial operation, testing, measurement, training of staff.
Transmission works.
Warranty and customer service.