The control SW serves to control completely all the testing center technologies. After fixing the machines under test mechanically and connecting them electrically with cables, the whole system is controlled from a PC in an automatic or semi-automatic mode.
The main window shows all required current and voltage indicators and a speed floating chart. In the upper right corner there are controllers, control states, current and voltage source PID control available. After selecting a test, the current and voltage route is set for the selected type of motor. The set route is depicted schematically on the next screen.
Measured data is put in charts modified to customer requirements; the screen below shows an example. The data put in the charts can be stored, edited and exported to an output protocol on a pre-defined form arranged to meet the customer requirements.

Automatically controlled process of testing
Native navigation during testing
PLC control
Visualization of control processes, measurement
Intuitive control
Reports (in an optional format)